How Can a Student Get Their First Job Experience with RemoteHub

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RemoteHub is a convenient and easy online job platform to use, whether you are an
an experienced freelancer with many years of experience or a student who want to get their first job
and experience.

For an experienced freelancer, this online platform allows you to place your business in a
purpose-built environment that will ensure the development of your business successfully. The
platform is designed to meet all your job seeking needs, where you can demonstrate your
professional experience and hard and soft skills. Look through the best vacancies offered by
worldwide companies, send a resume for the job, and get a competitive salary.
The marketplace features companies from around the world, high-level pay rates, a huge
number of vacancies in dozens of categories, payment protection, and the possibility to work
from anywhere. 

For a beginner or a student, RemoteHub is an excellent choice for those who want to start their
freelance careers online or find a full-time student job. All you need to do is go through the
registration, create an account on the platform, and offer your services. In addition, you can
send your resume for the first job and wait for feedback. While companies worldwide are looking
for experienced candidates, you can get this experience as a freelancer or apply for volunteer
projects on the platform. It doesn’t require any experience. The platform offers an opportunity for
experienced freelancers and newcomers to find jobs.

While on RemoteHub, you can send a resume for your first job, don’t make the mistake many
newcomers make, by rushing through the profile creation process, which hinders them from
obtaining leading positions from the best companies on the platform. Here, you will find out how
to create an account on RemoteHub and make your profile stand out among other profiles.

Step 1. Obtain a business-friendly photo

First impressions play a significant role, and an appropriate photo is one of the essential
attributes of your professional account. Therefore, you need a close-cropped photo showing
your face, neck, and possibly the tops of your shoulders.
Freelancing differs from a traditional job. For example, in taking a photo for the RemoteHub
account, don’t be very formal, wear business-casual style clothes.
Make sure your use a photo that shows you at your best, is friendly, and approachable. Don’t use
photos taken from your passport – this can alienate potential employers.

Step 2. Showcase your professional skills

One of the essential steps in searching for your first job is creating a portfolio on RemoteHub. A
portfolio allows a student or beginner to demonstrate to companies what they are capable of by
using their work samples. There’s no need to include a wide variety of items. Instead, you can
post just one sample or several of the best ones.

It can be difficult for a student or newcomer to post a previous job sample. However, you can
post unpaid articles you wrote, or projects that you designed while studying at the university.
This also serves as an example of your experience and can be interesting for potential

For instance, if you are searching for a part-time student job in the copywriting field and don’t
have any published articles, you can write some articles on the niche subject you know most
about. Then you can publish them as guest posts on different external boards. The boards will
get free content, and you will gain valuable experience as a beginner. In addition, you can
mention that you created these samples specifically to demonstrate your skills to potential
employers. This will also show initiative on your part.

Step 3. Add your job experience and education

Companies who are searching for candidates want to see what their education is and the
progress made in their career stages. For students, this can include courses they have taken,
training practices, participation in foreign students’ projects, and so on. This also will help
potential employer in choosing an appropriate candidate for their vacancy. Therefore, this is a
great idea for all RemoteHub participants, whether you are an experienced copywriter or junior
Java developer.

Step 4. Create a catching, keyword-rich job title and overview

While offering your services, you need to create a catchy headline to attract your potential
employer. Whether you are searching for your first job on RemoteHub or are an experienced
freelancer, you should make the job title and service description as attractive as possible. A
detailed description is very important and should include your skillset, containing keywords
relevant to the kinds of jobs performed in your professional growth and progression, and salary

In addition, to creating a successful service post, don’t forget to write about the value and
experience you will bring to the job. This will help the employer when they choose a talent.
Therefore, describe your professional skills and the added value clearly.

Step 5. Consider adding an introductory graphic

Choose a graphic demonstrating your professional skills to encourage potential employers to
choose your service among other candidates. Most of the jobs on RemoteHub are remote. So,
you will never see your employer; you may not even get to have a phone interview, that’s why

how you demonstrate your skills via the post on the platform is crucial. For instance, the graphic
can be one of your works if you are a graphic designer.

Step 6. Write your skills

In the service description section, you need to mention all the skills that are relevant to this
service. The “profile” on RemoteHub allows adding 10 skills from a predefined database of

For instance, if you post a “portrait illustrations” service, you can point out service skills,
including Illustration, Adobe creative suite, Traditional art media, Digital art, and much more.
The skills you include in this list must demonstrate your professional experience fully and be
relevant to this position, they impact the placement of your service when applying for a job.
Freelancers whose skills better emphasize their professional experience and better match the
“desired” skills will appear higher up in the job seeker’s list of applicants. When a company
searches for talent, its recruiter can insert these skills into the relevant field, and there will be a
higher probability that an employer will find your post among a wide variety of other candidates.
Newcomers often make a mistake by pointing out all the skills they have, rather than the
relevant skills the employer is looking for. Since users can write only ten services, they need to
think carefully about which skills match the type of preferable work.

Search for a job properly

Many newcomers on RemoteHub get derailed because they are looking for or applying for the
wrong jobs.

If you are at the beginning of your career path and have no experience, you should pay
attention to which vacancies you are searching for. In the description, you can find “no
experience necessary.” If you don’t know what you want to apply for, there are plenty of
available options, including data entry, product testing, customer service, copywriting, etc. The
best way to find the first job and send an application on RemoteHub if you are a student and
don’t have any job experience is to insert in search of vacancies a phrase “no experience
necessary,” which brings up employers searching for beginners.

Become a participant in the volunteer project

Students often face the problem of not having any experience and can’t find their preferred job.
One way to gain experience is to volunteer for a project (for free). This will be a great start to
your career and open many new opportunities. To begin, you need to go to the “Browse
freelance projects.” In this section, you can browse and choose projects matching your job

preferences and skills. By working as a volunteer, you will gain valuable skill, and at the same
time make a difference. 
This section is organized with different categories from which you can choose an exciting
volunteer project, providing you with the best job experience and be the first step in your career.
There are around 100 diverse volunteer projects on RemoteHub that may interest you. Just look
through the catalog and choose your favorite one! 


RemoteHub can be a great start to your career. This platform offers various vacancies for
experienced specialists and for beginners in different fields, including writing and translation,
marketing and sales, customer support, engineering, IT, design and creative, and more. In
addition, this is an online hub for candidates worldwide seeking an opportunity to build their
careers remotely from scratch. So, if you are a student and don’t know how to get your first job
and have no experience, don’t hesitate to join this online job board providing its users with a full-
scale set of job opportunities.

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