How to Attract  More Candidates to Your Job Postings using  RemoteHub’s Promotional Services

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We heard you loud and clear! You want more targeted ways of reaching the right candidates to see your job postings and apply. Harnessing the power of technology, leveraging our data, and using our knowledge of talent acquisition we designed additional promotional services for clients who want to get more benefits from using our platform. 

Beyond our free offerings, our promotional services give you more options to drive the recruitment process and find potential candidates for vacancies faster and easier. 

Here are some details about what the promotional services are and their benefits: 

Featured Job

Featured Job allows businesses to feature their job openings on the RemoteHub job page and at the TOP of relevant job search results, making it more visible to potential candidates. With RemoteHub’s global network of remote professionals, businesses can find top talent worldwide, regardless of location. By promoting their job listing through the Featured Job promotion, companies can increase their chances of finding the perfect candidate. For only $50 a week, you can benefit from our Featured Job promotion. 

Email Promotion

RemoteHub’s advanced proprietary technology scans our database and each time it finds qualified candidates based on your job posting criteria, It automatically invites candidates via email to apply for the job opening. Rather than waiting for the qualified candidate to find you, we find and invite them for you. This promotional service saves you time and increases the number of potential candidates who apply. For only $50 a week you can get the benefit of our targeted Email Promotions. 

Network Promotion 

With Network Promotion, we distribute your job vacancy to our multiple partner network job sites. This amplifies the visibility of your posting, saving you time and enables you to manage all applications on one platform. Then candidates who view your posting on partner networks sites are directed to your RemoteHub account. This service extends your reach and attracts more potential candidates to your job postings and company page. For only $50 a week you can get the benefit of our Network Promotions. 

Booster Pack

Do you want the benefits of both Email and Network Promotions for a discounted price? Choose the Booster Pack. For a 20% discount at $80 a week, you get the benefit of targeted email invitations and partner network distribution. 

Super Booster Pack

RemoteHub designed the Super Booster Pack to give businesses an extra edge when hiring top talent. The Super Booster Pack combines all 3 types of promotions: Featured Job promotion, Email Promotion, and Network Promotion. For a 30% discount at $100 a week, you will benefit from your job opening being featured among the top postings, targeted email invitations, and distribution on partner networks. 

Choose the promotional service that best matches your business needs and helps you find new talents more efficiently. 

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