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Remote work can boast of many benefits for both employees and for entrepreneurs. It reduces commute time, lowers office costs, and enables employees to work from home. 

A remote job also provides workers with more flexibility in their schedules, which can lead to higher productivity and happier employment life. In addition, people often want to telecommute from home, Wi-Fi cafes, libraries with computers, and other places that offer free internet access. As a result, access to remote function opportunities increased. Many freelancers prefer to start their own businesses rather than commute to an employer’s office daily. 

If you are someone who loves life with a remote deal, and you are just figuring out how to achieve your independence, this article is for you. Here are some useful tips for building your business network from scratch. Let’s also review how to make social networking of professionals with RemoteHub. 

How to network for a job

Today’s job market is fast and furious. There are more jobs than ever, but also a lot of competition for those positions. To stand out from the crowd, jobseekers must be proactive in their job search. This means investing time and effort no longer wondering how to build a network, and instead, start doing it.

 In this task, you will want to start with building your personal brand. You can use different tools, including social networks, to create your brand from scratch. In addition, you can participate in networking events. 

That’s right: connecting is no longer just for salespeople. It is essential for all professionals. And the good news? Netting is one of the fastest ways to discover new opportunities, it doesn’t have to be scary or uncomfortable. 

Let our 3-step guide help you successfully navigate the ins and outs of making connections for a job:

Step 1: Define your search goals 

Before you start cooperation, it’s important to think about your search goals. For example, do you want to run for a certain type of company? Do you want to cover a specific sector? Do you have experience in the topics you chose? By determining your goals, you can target your interlinking activities around those goals, so you don’t waste time. 

Before starting, it is also relevant to consider your current situation. For example, what your financial obligations are, what your career goals are, and what your skills are. This will allow you to structure a business plan in the future, how much you can charge and how much time you can spend on each project.

Step 2: Create a network of contacts

This advice comes from a well-known saying: “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” It probably sounds like a cliché, but it can be pretty effective in helping you meet new job opportunities. You should start by making a list of companies that have significant revenue and employees. 

This aside, RemoteHub provides you with a huge listing of more than 10624 companies, including Tesla, Pinterest, and Greenpeace, among others. In the search, you can filter by industry, specialties, or by city. You can also use keywords to target your search by topic, and once you have selected the company, send a personalized message that will serve as an invitation to your network.

Step 3: Talk to other professionals in your industry

How do you decide in which sector to develop? Do you start your own business or work for a large company to get a well-paid position? In all cases, your goal is to add value and knowledge. However, where can you get all this if you are just starting your freelance career? Don’t worry! RemoteHub has you covered. 

The new help section has a dedicated space to address all your concerns. 

  • Ask the community. Here you can ask about your gaps and find out how to solve the most complex questions.
  • Feedback and feature request. Give your point of view about the platform and help with your opinions to improve the community.
  • News and announcements. Discover the most relevant news in each sector and topic related to your interests.
  • Tips and tricks. Receive key tips on customer management You are also invited to share your own.
  • General Discussion. Without specific objectives, you can ask questions or share your experience on recurring topics.
  • Coffee Break. Not everything is related to productivity and work. Here you can share leisure spaces, hobbies, and many other fun topics.

How to present yourself in business effectively

Now that you are clear about where to start creating a business sack, it is time to take the first step. Let’s talk about establishing the first contact with your customers, the best practices to reach them, and some tips for an effective first contact.

Why is a first contact strategy necessary?

Prospective customers who contact you have different needs and expectations. Depending on your needs, you may want to nurture your leads with more information and get them on board as soon as possible. There are many factors that influence your lead nurturing strategy. 

First and foremost are the needs of your target audience. For this, you can use media platforms, but first, you need to know your market as well as possible.  Also, you should be prepared for your next customers to contact you at any time, regardless of the marketing funnel stage in which they are. If a customer is interested in what you have to offer, they will find a way to get in touch with you.

What are the best practices for your first contact?

The first contact is an excellent opportunity to show your expected clients that you are human and that you understand their needs. This is a list that you should consider to serve them in the best way.

  • This is what the first message with a new client should look like.

When you start freelancing, the first thing companies look for is reliability. This is related to how you conduct yourself and how you approach new clients. So, for beginners, clients like a freelancer come across as professional and “polite”, not too flashy or anything like that. 

To achieve this effect, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create an appropriate subject line. 
  2. Personalize your message with a friendly greeting.
  3. Write a specific introduction and body related to the object of your email.
  4. Present solutions and a course of action to achieve these objectives. 
  5. Make a compelling call to action.
  6. Close with a polite farewell.
  • Be original and very authentic. Make sure your first contact is genuine and not just a standard response every time. You can demonstrate your strength in the email subject for networking and ensure that your customers understand the way in which you can help them. 
  • Introduce yourself and your brand. Your first contact is a good time to unleash all your weapons through slideshows, videos, and case studies. Spare no effort when presenting a well-structured portfolio of careers on RemoteHub. It is even recommended that you do it thinking about the client you have as a prospect, teaching him jobs related to his area of ​​​​experience. 
  • Have a standard process. Make sure you have a serial process for every future customer that contacts you. This will keep your communications consistent and make upcoming customers feel welcome. It will also help you reduce the time you set for this task.
  • Respond to all customers. You never know when and where your next customer will come from. Thus, you must ensure that you respond to all clients. This may sound like a lot, but it will show your customers that you care about them and their needs. 
  • Close the circle. Once you have the customer on your side and have signed a small employment contract (RemoteHub also provides you with the ability to create contracts on their platform), you need to close the loop with each customer. From now on and at all times, let them know that you received their emails and that you are working on their needs, projects, and proposing possible solutions to their problems.

How to network on RemoteHub

RemoteHub is the place you want to find the companies you require in your meshing task. If you are searching, you should know that today this portal has 11,379 job offers only in remote mode. This added to the thousands of job offers that you will find in a hybrid way (physical and remote) and to the numerous companies that today have their official page on RemoteHub.

Where do I start to generate my profile, and what should I have in it?

If you go to the portfolio, you will be able to find clear and concrete examples of what you should show on the web as part of your professional occupation. This is the main showcase where you can start profiling your assignment as a creator of strategies, content, articles, designs, and everything else you have to offer.

  • The first thing you should do is to create your profile on the platform.
  • Then, you will add your profile photo and a cover image to make your profile much more attractive.
  • You will have a space to fill in as much information as possible about yourself and everything you are passionate about.
  • Now you can add your examples. You can locate the link to post a new project in the drop-down menu under the Find Jobs → Post Portfolio header.
  • You must add an attractive title, a description of the project, videos through redirected links from YouTube or Vimeo, and up to 20 images that tell what it is about.
  • When you feel ready, you can publish these projects in your personal account or on the company page that you can also generate in RemoteHub.

How can I offer specific services in my profile?

One of the important advantages of participating in RemoteHub is the possibility of offering specific services in each folder. In general categories, you will find Machine Learning, Web, Mobile & IT, Marketing & Sales, Engineering, Design & Creative, Writing & Translation, as well as Customer Support. Also, in each of these categories, there are many subcategories where you can locate each of your services.

To offer your services here, these are the steps you must follow.

  • First, you’ll need to locate the link to post service in the dropdown menu under the Find Jobs → Post Services header.
  • Then, as in the case of the record, you must add a specific title related to the service you offer.  
  • In turn, you must select one of the categories related to your service. Tip: whichever suits you best. If your service seems to fall into more than one category, choose which one to prioritize.
  • After the categories are the subcategories, so you have to decide on one of them.
  • Now it’s time to upload an image related to the service you offer. This is limited to being the cover of your service.
  • Then you must name your price, list the professional skills related to this service and finally add a description.
  • As with the section of your dossier, these services can be published in your personal account or the company page that you created in RemoteHub.

Tips to improve your profile and make it more attractive

A well-designed profile is an important part of your brand image, as it shows aspiring employers that you not only have the necessary skills, but also the creative thinking to face new challenges.

A poor profile, or with half-filled information, can cause the loss of opportunities and frustrations in your professional career. To help you build a stronger image, we’ve put together some additional tips to help you get off to a good start. 

Be selective with your work

You can select a wide range of jobs, including projects from different industries, scales, and results. However, if you are applying for a specific position, your briefcase should be tailored to include a relevant project. If you’re applying for a visual design position, for example, include visual design jobs. If you’re applying for a user experience design position, include user experience jobs.

Use quality photos and videos

Depending on the type of catalog you create, you may have the opportunity to use a wide range of visual elements, including photos, illustrations, charts, graphs, and even videos. Visuals are powerful communication tools and can help you get your message across. They also give your folder a more dynamic and engaging feel, which is important when showing off your expertise to venture employers or clients.

Mention your skills whenever you can 

If you don’t mention the skills you want to be known for, no one will know. You should highlight them throughout the entries created for your business examples. In this way, you help employers and clients understand how you can apply your skills to their specific needs and situations.

Add a cover letter

In addition, you can also include a one or two-sentence cover letter that explains why you are producing a service album and what you hope to achieve. You can include your name, a brief description of yourself, and why you are interested in the field, and what type of services you want to offer. 

As an employer, you want to strengthen your image on RemoteHub

Now you are on the other side, and you understand the importance of networking. It’s time to make sure that you also can attract only the best talents. RemoteHub offers various services for companies, making sure that at every step,  you can transmit the necessary trust. To strengthen your image, you can start with these key tips.

  • A company page that has all your information and is more complete will make a good first impression. If you’re looking for connections or employees, you’ll need to create a solid company page from the start.
  •  On the “Create company page”, you can choose between 2 options: Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations.
  • Once you have all the information filled out for your company, you can enter the employee search section. You can also socialize by connecting with other companies.
  • An important function that gives you great support is to have a verified profile. To have it, you can send an email in which you must meet several requirements, but which will give you a highlight among the other affiliated companies.

Finally, you should know that you are sure to receive much more here than you may need. Now when your business is taking off, and you want to have an ally to boost your business with networking, RemoteHub is on your side.

From now on, and following the steps mentioned in the different sections of this article, you will create a solid image. With it, it will be easier for you to connect and create new contacts on the net, which turns into a new business.

Hopefully, this article has shown you that creating a professional network doesn’t have to be scary or even a chore. It can be fun, and it doesn’t take long to create new connections that could benefit you in the long run. 

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