How to Recruit Remote Volunteers During COVID-19 Using RemoteHub

by Giulietta Boyun
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With the world caught in the throes of the global pandemic, many things are rapidly changing. Companies are reinventing themselves for a socially-distant world, but they’re not the only ones. Nonprofit organizations also seek new ways to tackle their needs remotely.

The crucial role of volunteers in nonprofit organizations can’t possibly be understated. It’s also a win-win situation, for volunteers are 27% likelier to be hired, thanks to the skills and experience earned through volunteering.

And yet, of the 1.5+ million nonprofit organizations operating in the US, more than 70% struggle to find volunteers. It’s a staggering proportion, considering that 3 in 4 Americans are likelier to volunteer than to donate money and that 1 in 4 Americans volunteered in 2017.

RemoteHub is a global job marketplace that connects and matches companies with remote professionals. It has more than 10,000 active companies and professionals offering services in 100+ categories. Many professionals on RemoteHub have the skills needed for nonprofit remote work and are looking for volunteer opportunities.

Today, we’ll teach you how you can use RemoteHub to recruit volunteers absolutely free of charge and even earn donations to your nonprofit organization! 

Posting Remote Projects from Your Nonprofit Organization

Step One: Create a nonprofit organization on RemoteHub

After you register for a personal account at RemoteHub, you need to create a dedicated page for your nonprofit organization. It’s a fairly straightforward process. Simply go to “Create a Page for Nonprofit Organization” and fill in the relevant information for each field.

Then you can add more information to your nonprofit organization page after it’s created, such as your cover picture, company photo, headline, and description. The more information you provide, the more chances you’ll have that potential volunteer will become interested in applying for your volunteer opportunities.

Step Two: Post volunteer projects

In order to find volunteers for your nonprofit positions, you need to post volunteer projects. Posting vacancies for nonprofit remote jobs on RemoteHub is absolutely free. You need to provide several guidelines for volunteers in a nonprofit project, such as the category, description, type of project, time commitment, and skills required.

Keep in mind that when potential volunteers conduct a search for volunteer projects, this is the information that’ll tell them what your project is all about. To fill your nonprofit jobs effectively, you need to be both accurate and descriptive. The easier it is for volunteers to find your projects, the more qualified applications you’ll receive overall.

Step Three: Share and promote your volunteer projects

There are thousands of volunteers for nonprofit organizations at RemoteHub, but you should help them become aware of your projects. The more exposure your postings receive, the faster you’ll fill the job vacancies for your nonprofit organizations.

The easiest way to accomplish this is by sharing links to your vacancy postings through your social media accounts. It allows you to leverage your network while providing increased attention to your nonprofit organization.

Every nonprofit remote work posting has a unique, shareable link for social media promotion. This can put your organization on the radar of professionals doing their nonprofit job search through social media.

Optional Step: Paid remote positions are also welcome

Not everything in a nonprofit organization can be accomplished through volunteers. You’re bound to find some tasks that are best carried out by paid workers.

RemoteHub is an ideal service marketplace for you to fill such remote vacancies, and you can post a paid remote task there at any time. Just like with nonprofit jobs, these are completely free to post.

Choosing the Right Candidate 

After creating your nonprofit organization, posting your volunteer projects and receiving applications, it’s time to pick the right candidates.

Traditional candidate selection practices are somewhat limited. There’s only so much you can learn about remote professionals from a CV. The value of volunteers to nonprofit organizations can often be hard to gauge.

The RemoteHub platform poses a few key advantages over traditional candidate selection. They include media-rich portfolios, informative professional reviews, and an assortment of more classical parameters.

Explore Candidate Portfolios

As a nonprofit organization, classifying volunteers can be daunting. CVs are often not descriptive enough, and difficult to translate into relevant competencies. Regardless of whether you’re looking for volunteers for your nonprofit website or UNICEF projects, you need to see what they can really do.

RemoteHub portfolios, on the other hand, offer media-enriched narratives that can illustrate what a remote professional is truly capable of. It will be especially important if you’re looking for volunteers for copywriting, web or mobile development, graphic design, social media management, or other creative projects. 

Step 3: Review Classical Parameters

Another perk of the RemoteHub platform is the ease of reviewing “classical” parameters. Many professionals provide much of the information you’d typically scan for in a CV right in their profiles. These include lists of professional skills, a general introduction, past work experience, or fluency in various languages.

Benefits of Posting Volunteer Vacancies At RemoteHub

Free Vacancy Postings

Posting volunteer projects and seeking volunteers through RemoteHub is completely free. Remember that the proper description and cover image in your nonprofit organization page and volunteer projects will help to attract attention from more volunteers.

Donation Rewards

And it gets even better, the best volunteer projects on RemoteHub can earn donations to their nonprofit organizations! The “best” definition is pretty straightforward – it is a nonprofit which received the biggest number of applications during the contest period. Make sure to post your volunteer projects soon to get more time to receive applications, and share your projects on your social media to gain more attention from the potential applicants. You can learn more at RemoteHub Volunteering.

Reach & Visibility

Your postings give your organization higher visibility, and the ability to share them through social media extends your reach greatly. Whether you’re looking for volunteers for grant writing, website development, social media design, administrative assistance, or any other remote projects, global visibility and reach are what you need. RemoteHub features the best projects on top of their Volunteering section and in social media, and you’re welcome to do the same!

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