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The safety of our users is our top priority, thus we are implementing a new feature – “Verified Companies”. From now you will see a dedicated badge on the company’s page:

The Verified Badge is a tool to help RemoteHub job seekers find the accounts of companies that have verified their authenticity, as well as be sure that applying to the company’s vacancies is safe. When a company receives a verification badge, its representative provides Us all the necessary information to prove its authenticity. This tool was developed to give applicants greater confidence when dealing with a company and provide companies with the best applicants, as applicants are more likely to commit their time to apply to a company that establishes its credentials. 

To search for new job opportunities in a safer way, pay attention to the companies that have a verification badge:

Badge for the verified company on the job search page

Additional note for candidates who apply to freelance positions:

We strongly discourage you from applying for the vacancies of unverified companies, especially when it was requested to continue the communication outside the RemoteHub platform and pay an “application fee” or make some deposit.

What verification means for companies

There are benefits to your Company when it passes the verification process. Job postings will likely result in more applications as vacancies look more trustworthy. Additionally, there is a high possibility that the vacancies of verified companies will be added to the email digest that reaches thousands of RemoteHub users. We are also happy to feature for free the vacancies of selected, verified vacancies in our social media feed.

What is needed to receive the Verified Badge 

To be eligible to apply for verification, the following conditions must be met:

  • The user who created a page has an email address on the same domain as the company’s website. For example, for RemoteHub. 
  • You must represent the real company or brand it claims to be. We’ll check different factors to help verify it. We may also ask for more info or documentation.
  • The company page is fully complete: profile and cover images, headline, company description, and industry.

Please send us a verification request to with the topic “Verification”

Be advised that if you receive the Verified Badge using false or misleading information during the verification process, we will remove it and may take additional action to disable your account.

We hope that this new improvement will help us build a reliable place for the remote working community!

Please read the updated Terms and Conditions by the link

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