TOP 5 Most Categories of Work Desired of Job Seekers on RemoteHub

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At RemoteHub, we are always reviewing how our users engage with the platform. Today we want to share with you the TOP 5 categories of work most of the companies are offering on RemoteHub.

5️⃣ In fifth place are Database Administration & Development jobs. Companies that offer work in this sector are primarily from Europe. There are many vacancies for freelancers and part-time job seekers in this category. On RemoteHub, you will find open positions from Telus, Appen, Hector Network, Smart workers, Translucent, Alex Stuff Agency, Syncriom, and others.

4️⃣ In fourth place are Customer Service jobs. It is one of the most popular areas of work on RemoteHub. Vacancies in this category most often are not remote, employers mainly are looking for people to work out of particular office. Companies that offer work in this sector are primarily in the United States of America and the Middle East.

3️⃣ In third place are Sales jobs. There are many open positions vacancies from reputable companies such as AQ Adaptive Intelligence, Exec-Tech, Stalecs, Luminovo, Casey Groups, etc.

2️⃣ In second place are Machine Learning jobs. As of today, we have more than 2,500+ open positions. These are fully remote positions; some are part-time and some or on contract basis. Check some of the many vacancies with Appen and Telus.

1️⃣ In first place are Web Development jobs. Every day we receive more than 100 job posting in this category. You will find vacancies from many leading IT companies worldwide, such as: Scopic, Telus, Pactera Edge, SimilarDev, Alex Stuff Agency, Uforia, Digital Wisers, emma, Katmai Government Services, Appen, Prismic, and many others. 

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