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While remote work is most popular in the IT sector, it has become more mainstream in other sectors of the economy. Allowing employees to work remotely is now more accepted by companies. Many are seeing substantial benefits in employee productivity, and well-being, as well as financial benefits, such as savings in office rent, furniture, and other associated costs. Well run companies such as Scopic, take advantage of the savings to improve the experience of employees working remotely such as adding collaboration tools, investing in people operations, training, and other business development programs.

For employees the primary benefit of working remotely has been the significant improvement in work-life balance. A flexible work schedule boosts morale and well-being by allowing professionals to manage their work more efficiently, and effectively in a comfortable and safe environment.

We talked to Recruiting Lead Tia Anggraeni from Scopic, the world’s largest virtual company and learned why remote work is a win-win solution for them. 

Tia Anggraeni, Recruiting Lead

R: What are the major trends in software development? How is it impacting the job market? 

T: That’s an interesting question, but software development as an industry is significant, diverse, and cannot be generalized. So, we can only speak from our relative perspective rather than the overall market. We have been getting many requests for web development over the last several years. Many industry-specific companies decided (and are deciding) to migrate their solutions to the Web (from Desktop) and scale it with Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP, etc. It’s impacting us with JS/TS hiring positions because of a higher demand for JS (typescript) scripting language, which became a significant trend during the last decade. Due to these reasons, developers want to use it, so we need to find and search for more developers to help us build the software. Consequently, other positions we are looking for are technical leads with excellent technical knowledge and background, great management and soft skills, and experience architecting cloud software solutions. 

R: What are the main drivers of Scopic growth?

T: There are at least two reasons:  

– Increasing demand for industry-specific software development 

– The fact that we offer good value (quality vs. price) 

R: How many developers have your company hired in the past 6 months? What is driving the demand?

T: We have hired approximately 35 developers for the past 6 months. As a software development company, this demand has derived from our client’s requests. Time goes by, and more and more companies go online. This impacts the number of requests (including the ones with very specific technologies) we receive. The more requests we receive, the greater number of people we need to hire.  

R: How long does it take to fill an open position?

T: It can take anywhere between 4 – 6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the position and the number of applicants. 

R: What are the positions open today in your company? 

T: Some of the most critical positions we are hiring today:  

1.         Remote Technical Lead 

2.         Remote JS/TS Developer with Devops Experience

3.         Remote Full-stack PHP Developer  

4.         Remote Technical Software Project Manager   

5.         Remote Senior Web Engineer 

R: Why did you decide to hire remote employees? What are some of the advantages of remote work?

T: The remote working environment is a win-win solution for the company and its team members. For the company, instead of paying for operational costs like physical office, electricity, office internet, etc., we can invest in more important things, like salary and team member engagement. Running a worldwide remote company means that our virtual office is always open: 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, as it’s always morning time somewhere! Not to mention that having team members from all over the world makes it possible for us to get different and creative insights that we could never have gained if we only worked with people from a certain country. Survey has also repeatedly shown that remote working boosts team members’ well-being and productivity. So why wouldn’t we want to do this? 

R: How do you build and maintain strong and effective remote teams? 

T: We’ve spent over 15 years perfecting the art of remote work. It’s crucial to invest in People Operations. To build such a strong distributed remote team, it’s essential to conduct a rigorous and inclusive Recruiting process that enables us to meet the best fit for each open position—no matter where they are in the world. And when we hire these team members and onboard them, we ensure that they are well-engaged by our HR team now and then. Last but not least, through the Resources Department, we are committed to making them feel productive and contributing by assigning them to various challenging projects.  

R: What are the primary tools you use to manage remote employees?

T: We at least need the following:  

– Reliable project management tool – we use Teamwork. 

– Reliable time logging system – we use a system we built ourselves.  

– Reliable communication tool – we use Microsoft (Outlook, Teams, SharePoint)  

R: Why did you choose RemoteHub to search for potential candidates? 

T: We promote our job openings both locally and globally. And RemoteHub is an excellent source to reach a wider global audience, not to mention that the site is remote-job-specific, which means that people who check the site are people who want to or at least are interested in working remotely.  

R: What are some of the benefits or advantages you see in the platform? 

T: – Wider global outreach  

– Free posting 

– Various users/visitors with various technologies and skills 

– User-friendly interface 

R: Were you able to find qualified candidates?

T: Yes, absolutely! RemoteHub has been one of our primary sources for quality applicants.  

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About Scopic:

Scopic is one of the world’s largest virtual companies. Founded in 2006, the company has grown consistently by delivering innovative, cutting-edge software and marketing services for clients and creating an empowering environment for employees. The team builds and markets software for clients and users around the globe. With 10+ years in the industry and 1000+ projects, they’ve powered software for Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Fintech, Healthcare, Food and Fitness, and Gaming.

Scopic remote team

Scopic remote team

Having led the remote work movement for the last 15 years, Scopic believes that flexible working hours and the ability to work from wherever you are in the world should be the norm. The years of experience have allowed companies to perfect the art of working remotely by integrating software that enables employees to maximize efficiency and streamline operations. If you’re looking for a work environment where you can leverage your skills to work on your terms while receiving a steady paycheck from a US-based company, then you belong with Scopic.

Learn more about Scopic’s mission at the website:

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