TOP 5 HR Trends in 2023

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As we enter the new year, 5 major trends that are good to be familiar with in 2023, and they are especially helpful to every HR specialist.

1️⃣ Strengthening employees’ digital experiences

With DAPs, you can accelerate the time to educate users about maximizing their productivity and employee experience when using software — like how to set up automation, remove communication siloes, and work with less context-switching.

2️⃣ Increased focus on DE&I

In a SurveyMonkey Workforce Survey, nearly all job seekers stated that they wish to work with an organization that values diversity and inclusion. Employees perform better when they feel they are working for “their” firm, which DEI represents as a long-term, vital component of the organization. Belonging also fosters a sense of ownership that encourages accountability and productivity.

3️⃣ Remote work

According to a survey conducted in 2022, over 50% of companies in the United States reported that they planned to continue offering remote work options to their employees even after the pandemic ends. Remote work provides several benefits to employees and companies, including increased flexibility, reduced overhead costs, and the ability to attract top talent from a wider geographic area.

4️⃣ Reskilling and upskilling

In 2022, companies that invested in employee development saw a 58% increase in employee retention and a 24% increase in productivity. Companies use more innovative approaches, such as gamification and virtual reality, to engage and motivate employees. These techniques can make learning fun and interactive and help employees retain information more effectively.

5️⃣ Employee wellness

According to the latest Global HR Trends report, the focus on employee wellness is a critical trend expected to continue in 2023. It includes initiatives such as on-site gyms and meditation rooms, as well as access to mental health resources and support for employees. Many companies are also looking to incorporate wellness into their corporate culture, promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyles among their workforce.

We hope these trends help you create a more capable and diverse workforce that drives business success.

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