Are You Looking for Remote Volunteer Jobs? 6 Places to Find Them!

RemoteHub Team
March 5, 2024
5 min read
Are You Looking for Remote Volunteer Jobs? 6 Places to Find Them!

Remote volunteer opportunities are becoming increasingly popular as more nonprofits and charitable organisations adapt to the new remote work landscape. Volunteering from home allows people to make an impact on causes they care about, gain new skills, and connect with others - all from the comfort of their home office.

In this blog post, we'll highlight six great places to find remote volunteering gigs, projects, and openings so you can start making a difference today.

Why Volunteer Remotely?

Before jumping into where you can find remote volunteer roles, let's discuss some of the key benefits:


Volunteering from home allows you to contribute your time on your own schedule. No need to commute or travel - just log in and start helping! This makes it easy to fit volunteering into a busy schedule.


A wide variety of remote volunteer opportunities are available today, ranging from micro-volunteering tasks that take just a few minutes to substantial, ongoing virtual volunteering roles. There are roles out there for all skills and interests.

Making an Impact

Remote volunteering gives you the chance to support causes and organisations that are important to you. While the work is virtual, the impact is very real. Your efforts help mission-driven organisations further their goals.

Skill Development

Many remote volunteer roles allow you to build new skills or apply existing expertise. This benefits both the organisations and volunteers themselves. Virtual volunteering is a chance to grow.

Meeting New People

Even when volunteering remotely, you often get to work with and interact with new people who also care about the cause. It's a great way to expand your network with like-minded individuals.


Life happens. Remote volunteering offers flexibility if you need to adjust your availability week-to-week. You can modify your commitment without letting anyone down.

Now let's explore some of the best places to find meaningful and impactful remote volunteer opportunities.

1. RemoteHub

RemoteHub should be your first stop for discovering remote volunteer roles. They make it easy to search and filter by your skills, interests, availability, and more to pinpoint opportunities that are a great fit.

Some key things to know about using RemoteHub to find remote volunteering gigs:

  • role variety - Options range from one-time micro-volunteering projects to recurring remote volunteering commitments. Tons of skill areas are needed by nonprofits and social impact organisations.
  • vetted opportunities - Listings come from vetted and trusted nonprofit organisations. The RemoteHub team reviews each post.
  • search and filters - Easily search for remote volunteer roles and filter by your specific skills, interests, time commitment, and more.
  • skill tags - Opportunities are tagged by the skills needed so you can quickly see the required abilities. Helpful for matching your expertise.
  • notifications - Set up notifications so you never miss a new remote volunteer role that's a fit. Listings are refreshed daily.
  • profiles - Create a volunteer profile highlighting your skills, experience, availability, and passions  to showcase yourself.
  • support - Dedicated customer support team available to help volunteers with any needs.

RemoteHub makes finding meaningful remote volunteering opportunities easy, fast, and impactful. It should be the first stop in your search. The wide variety of roles and intelligent search will connect you with remote volunteer opportunities that excite you.

2. VolunteerMatch

VolunteerMatch is one of the most established volunteer search engines available today. They have a large database of in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities across the United States. More than 101,000participating nonprofits use the platform to post their openings.

VolunteerMatch has several features that make finding remote volunteer roles easy:

  • Virtual filter - You can filter your search specifically for virtual/online volunteer opportunities only.
  • Mobile app - Browse and search for volunteer roles via VolunteerMatch's iOS and Android apps.
  • Search filters - Refine searches by location, skills needed, availability, area of interest, and more.
  • Skill-based volunteer roles - Many opportunities leverage professional or specialised skills like accounting, copywriting, coding, consulting, graphic design, and more.
  • Individual and group opportunities - Options for both individual volunteers and groups/teams to contribute together.
  • Profile - Create a detailed online profile highlighting your skills, experience, and interests to showcase yourself to nonprofits.
  • Notifications - Get notifications when new opportunities that fit your preferences are posted.

VolunteerMatch is worth exploring if you want access to alarge national database of virtual volunteer openings from diverse nonprofits and causes.

3. UN Volunteers

The United Nations Volunteer Programme (UNV) connects passionate people with remote volunteer opportunities that further the Sustainable Development Goals. This is the UN's own volunteer wing.

UN Volunteers offers both short-term micro-volunteering opportunities that you can do in under 2 hours, as well as more immersive, skills-based longer-term remote volunteering for those who want a deeper engagement.

Ways you can get involved virtually include:

  • Translating documents and other materials into different languages
  • Providing graphic design, web development, or communications assistance
  • Conducting research for UN programs and initiatives
  • Tutoring students worldwide
  • Mentoring other volunteers and facilitators
  • Volunteering your professional expertise in legal, medical, tech, engineering, business, and other domains

The UNV program is an especially impactful option if you want to contribute your skills to promote international cooperation, sustainable human development, peace, and global citizenship.

4. Smithsonian Digital Volunteers

The Smithsonian Digital Volunteers program allows you to help the famous museum digitise historical documents and records. Since 2018, over 124,000 digital volunteershave worked together to make historical materials more accessible.

Some ways you can contribute as a Smithsonian DigitalVolunteer working remotely include:

  • Transcribing digitized documents and other records into text format through an online interface
  • Reviewing other volunteers' work for quality and accuracy
  • Tagging digitized materials with relevant metadata and information
  • Contributing your localized expertise to provide context and details about artifacts and documents

No prior experience is required to volunteer, and theSmithsonian provides orientation materials to help you get started. This is a unique way to engage with fascinating historical artifacts and documents while advancing the democratization of knowledge.

5. Virtual Volunteering with Catchafire

Catch a fire is an online skills-based volunteer platform. The roles focus on providing professional services like marketing, graphic design, writing, social media, HR, and more to nonprofits and social enterprises.

Catchafire offers short-term skilled volunteer opportunities that you can complete virtually, such as:

  • Developing a social media strategy for a nonprofit organization
  • Copyediting grant proposals and fundraising documents
  • Providing graphic design work for reports, collateral, and other materials
  • Optimizing a nonprofit's website and online presence
  • Helping create financial models and plans

The time commitment ranges from one-time projects that take a few hours to substantial projects requiring 30+ hours. Catchafire does a good job matching professionals and experts with opportunities to lend their specialized skills and experience.

6. NGOs & NonprofitsDirect Outreach

In addition to volunteer search platforms and databases, you can often find virtual volunteer opportunities by reaching out directly to NGOs and nonprofits you want to support.

Most organisations have a "Contact Us" or “GetInvolved” section where you can inquire about current remote volunteering needs. Share details about your skills, interests, availability, and motivation for wanting to help.

Some nonprofits and causes with frequent remote volunteering needs include:

  • Literacy & Education: Tutoring students remotely, developing digital learning materials, teaching English.
  • Arts & Museums: Transcribing archives, curating online exhibits, graphic design.
  • Social Services: Staffing helplines, moderating support groups, case management.
  • Environment & Conservation: Social media promotion, petitioning and advocacy, translating materials.
  • Health: Providing counseling and support, medical administrative tasks, writing for health campaigns.

Don't be afraid to directly ask charities and causes you care about whether they have opportunities for remote volunteers. Describing your unique skills helps match you with impactful volunteer work.

Start Making a Difference from Your Home Office!

Remote volunteering lets you give back when your schedule permits. And as you can see, the opportunities out there are incredibly diverse.

Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours each week, want to lend your professional skills or learn something totally new, have a one-time project or recurring commitment in mind, there are amazing ways to volunteer from your laptop.

We hope this post gave you fresh ideas and places to look for meaningful remote volunteer gigs. Your efforts can contribute so much to causes around the world, even if you can’t volunteer on-site.

And don't forget, RemoteHub should be your first destination. Their volunteer role database, intelligent search filters, and profile creation streamline matching you with impactful virtual volunteering opportunities from vetted nonprofits.

Ready to get out there and start making a positive difference from your home office? The right remote volunteer opportunity is waiting for you at one of the organizations above!

RemoteHub Team
March 5, 2024
5 min read
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