Embracing the Big 5 Personality Traits and Finding a Job Best Fit for You

RemoteHub Team
March 5, 2024
5 min read
Embracing the Big 5 Personality Traits and Finding a Job Best Fit for You


Undoubtedly, our personality is what shapes us and what makes us all unique individuals, especially when it comes to choosing our desired career paths. For job seekers, it is crucial to focus on their best personality traits and put forth a presentable and professional version of themselves in the competitive job marketplace. According to psychological findings, our personality traits can be narrowed down into five main categories in which determine the jobs that are the best fit for us based on our most suitable personality trait. Ultimately, understanding and embracing our most prominent personality traits will lead to achievement and success in the job marketplace.

The Big Five Personality Traits

The Big Five Personality Trait model includes openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. All these components are essential to understand to lead a job seeker towards their desired career path. Most of us lean towards a specific dominant trait compared to other characteristics and this model helps to break it down. Let us introduce the following five-factor model:

1. Openness

Openness includes optimistic and creative individuals who are open to trying new things. They are easy to adapt to new environments and always eager to learn. These people are not subjected to anything specific, in fact, they prefer a broad scale of interests and are versatile learners. This personality trait embodies flexibility and allows individuals to explore different things.

2. Conscientiousness

To be conscientious is to have good self-control. These individuals are highly dedicated and well-organized. They depend on the intricate details of their work. Those who are conscientious stive to work above and beyond, exceeding deadlines accordingly without leaving any work behind. Additionally, they are achievement-oriented and reliable as they are persistent with their duties.

3. Extroversion

Extroversion, of course, involves people who are sociable, approachable, and enthusiastic in a professional and personal setting. These individuals flourish through other’s energy in the workplace. They thrive in highly active areas in the job marketplace and are usually assertive in their role. People who are extroverted tend to make their mark and stay active in their field. Browse Jobs

4. Agreeableness

This trait follows people who are compassionate, selfless, helpful, and kind. They love to cooperate and work with others in the workplace. These individuals are perceptive to adapt to compromise and be sympathetic towards others. They are positive contributors and good listeners.

5. Neuroticism

Neuroticism is one of the rather negatively associated personality traits regarding unpleasant emotions. These emotions include sadness, anger, anxiety, and overall emotional instability. Despite the negative connotations towards this personality trait, these individuals may impress employers for their resilience and strength. These people may have overcome certain challenges through life, which demonstrates they can also overcome and manage workplace difficulties.

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The Connection Between Personality and Choosing Careers

Now that the Big Five have been introduced, it is also important to understand how these traits correlate with choosing the best job fit for individuals who are job seeking. When looking at the qualification sections of a job description, you may often see phrases such as “we are looking for someone who is passionate,” …"who is driven,” and “acquires X amount of skills.” No matter which personality trait best matches you, you can still meet any qualifications an employer is looking for by presenting the best version of yourself.

The first step to becoming the best version of yourself in the job marketplace is seeking out your passion and knowing your interests. Then, build your profile and become discovered by employers. Some employers may look at results from personality tests to see if you have the right attributions fit for the role. It is recommended to find out more about yourself before applying for any available position. Job seeking platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn, i.e., allow individuals to add profile descriptions that highlight their personality and skillsets. It is crucial to take advantage of these kinds of features as it will increase your chances of attracting employers.

Additionally, by knowing which personality trait suits you the most, you can discover which careers suit you the most. Performing a self-evaluation and looking closer into the Big Five Personality Traits can help eliminate indecisiveness when seeking out the right job. For example, if you consider yourself an assertive extrovert and enjoy working with others, then a management position for a company may be more suitable than others. However, the options are limitless. As listed below, these are just a few options out of many that fit each of the Big Five Personality Traits.

Specific Career Paths Based on the Big Five

One of the benefits of having access to user-friendly job marketplace platforms includes the ability for individuals to customize and modify their job search based on what fits best for them. You can search specific keywords that relate to what you are passionate about or what you are looking for. On the other hand, personality tests help guide you if you are ever unsure about what you want to do by asking some simple questions relating to your preferences.

For example, consider the following questions for each of the Big Five Personality Traits and see which specific career might be a great fit for you:

  • Do you see yourself selfless and enjoy helping others? If yes, here are some career choices that may suit you...

1. Social Worker (38k-96k/yr.)

2. Registered Nurse (avg. 83k/yr.)

3. Mental Health Therapist (53k-73k/yr.)

If any of these careers are of interest to you, then you may have more of the agreeableness personality trait.

  • Do you see yourself as enthusiastic and confident in front of others? If yes, here are some career choices that may suit you...

1. Political Director (58k-100k/yr.)

2. Economist (avg. 106k/yr.)

3. Social Media Manager (40k-160k/yr.)

If any of these careers are of interest to you, then you may have more of the extroversion trait.

  • Do you see yourself as creative and appreciative of a multitude of different things? If yes, here are some career choices that may suit you...

1. Artist (42k-73k/yr.)

2. Freelance Writer (40k-71k/yr.)

3. English Language Arts Teacher (37k-72k/yr.)

If any of these careers are of interest to you, then you may have more of the openness trait.

  • Do you see yourself as meticulous and careful about your work? If yes, here are some career choices that may suit you...

1. Accountant (43k-89k/yr.)

2. Architect (60k-160k/yr.)

3. Biologist (46k-70k/yr.)

If any of these careers are of interest to you, then you may have more of the conscientiousness trait.

  • Do you see yourself as someone who experiences high emotions and seeks guidance from others? If yes, here are some career choices that may suit you...

1. Poet (avg. 75k/yr.)

2. Performing Arts (avg. 49k/yr.)

3. Philosopher Professor (64k-230k/yr.)

If any of these careers are of interest to you, then you may have more of the neuroticism trait.

As mentioned before, the career options are limitless no matter which trait most pertains to you. By doing effective research and utilizing the correct tools, you will find the job that best suits you and correlates with your dominant personality trait. Post Jobs for Free

Tips and Tools to Utilize When Looking for the Best Fit Job

With technology constantly evolving, the job marketplace as well as other resources have expanded their tools to make it easily accessible for users. However, there are specific measures that need to be taken to have a successful job search. As emphasized before, it is crucial to know and understand which personal attributes best suit you to find the best fit job.

Below are some tips and tools to help guide you in your job search:

1. Take a Personality Test

How well do you know yourself? If someone asked you to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Some individuals are stumped when these questions are asked which is why taking a personality test may be beneficial. There are a variety of personality tests that are available online for free and only take about 15 minutes to complete, deeming them time-cost effective.

Additionally, you can take a Big Five Personality Test to help guide you in the job seeking process. By doing this, it will make it easier for you to create an attractive and presentable profile for employers. Also, personality tests enhance your chances of being discovered by employers who look for these test results and acquire further elaboration on your best attributes.

2. Create a List of Specific Qualities and Showcase your Skills

Creating a list can be done online or handwritten, whichever way you prefer. Why create a list? Some individuals may like to have a visual representation of all their skillsets and qualifications aside from a resume, cover letter, or any other formal document. Formal documents can seem intimidating to look at, therefore, jotting down ways to describe you, your interests, your hobbies, extracurricular activities, skills, i.e., can allow you to produce specific situations in which you have utilized your skills and it highlights your personality.

3. Build your Profile

As job marketplace platforms are predominantly reliant on language, it is important to consider using short and concise language when building your profile. Wordiness can often be overlooked by employers as well as a lack of information and skills. As your experiences and skills continue to build over time, it is essential to update your resume and the appearance of your profile.

Once you have an idea of what kind of job you are looking for, it is best to research various profiles in your field and pay attention to what and who they are looking for. This is when you can use this as an opportunity to make your profile stand out and allow your personality to shine according to what the company is looking for.

4.  Share your Work

By sharing your work, you may need to revisit or embrace your creative side. This is something that you should have fun with and be proud of your accomplishments. If you are still working on something and building your portfolio, consider unique strategies to put you out of your comfort zone. There is no specific way to do this as it is more of a way to allow yourself to explore more about you and what you have to offer for your chosen organization or route. remote work

Sharing your work can show others your personality through your work and make your best attributes stand out. Also, if you do not have any accessible work to display, then you can always elaborate on what you have accomplished thus far or share any specific situations in which you made a difference.

These four tips and tools are just a few of a multitude of effective ways in which you can stand out in the competitive job marketplace. Specifically, taking personality tests, creating lists, building your profile, and showing your work are all great ways to show your personality when job seeking.

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Confronting Negative Personality Traits

The process of finding the job best fit for you may be challenging at times. Often, our negative personality traits can take over which guarantees that your job search may take longer than expected. Sometimes it may be difficult to avoid our negative emotions, especially during times of stress. During the job search process, you may want to ask yourself, “Am I prepared? Am I putting forth enough effort to show these employers that I am a hard worker?” You must at least try to be your best self to achieve the goal of obtaining the best fitting job.

Here are some things a job seeker may want to consider avoiding before during the job searching process:

No Research

Researching the kind of job position you are seeking is crucial. It is important to view company websites and understand their mission, vision, and value statements. Lack of research leads to employers being uncertain about moving forward with your application. Even though you may lean towards one trait over another, it is beneficial to show your enthusiasm and dedication to the role or job position you are applying for. remote jobs

Prior research is equally as important as viewing company websites and other sources within the job marketplace. Prior research refers to taking advantage of external tools and resources that may help you build your profile, hold a strong professional appearance, organize your qualifications for the role, etc. Without this kind of research, you may become unprepared to apply for a job.

Lack of Positivity

As mentioned before, it may be overwhelming for individuals to channel positivity during stressful times. However, employers are not looking to hear negative experiences, nor would they be willing to hire someone who does not seem excited about the role or position. If the negative emotions seem too overpowering, then you may not be ready yet to move forward with the job searching process.

Having a bad attitude, or just seeing disinterested in general will lead to the loss of many opportunities. It is vital to greet employers with a smile and show them that you are a positive leader and are ready to be a part of the team. Remember, if you do not believe that you can do the job, then nobody else will.

No Time Management Skills

If you feel like you will not be able to manage a heavy workload for a fast-paced business, or if you are someone who has difficulty with exceeding deadlines, attending meetings, and doing your job effectively, then you may not be able to move forward with the job searching process. Time management skills are especially important to have daily. Showing up late to meetings or not completing your work on time can show that you are an unreliable candidate. The best practice for handling this issue is to create a calendar or set reminders for yourself to ensure that no deadlines or meetings are missed.


In the workplace, you will need to establish trust amongst yourself and your colleagues. Dishonesty shows that you are not genuine and may not take the job as seriously as you may portray. The best way to display trust within the workplace is through appropriate actions. For instance, using your skills with hands-on work shows your employer that you can use them rather than just saying you have them.

Lack of Effort

Overall, the most important thing to avoid is laziness and lack of effort. If you are sure of what you want to do and choose to avoid it, then there will not be any momentum built for you in the job searching process. You can put forth effort by combining all your materials, think about specific situations in which you handled issues in the workplace, show off your skills and accomplishments, and connect with others who may help guide you through the search.

The job search process may be difficult to manage sometimes. However, once you are prepared to dedicate yourself to this process with a positive mindset, then it will bring you one step closer to the right fit job for you. freelance jobs

The Benefits of Embracing your Best Fit Personality Traits

Allowing yourself to embrace your best fit personality traits leads to many benefits. This practice will make your job search process more effective and may allow you to explore more about yourself. Let us look at some of the benefits:

1. It allows your strengths to shine.

Employers like to examine your strengths and weaknesses during the hiring process. Therefore, it is crucial to show them your best personality traits to allow your strengths to shine. Of course, some challenging questions or information may be presented to you, so consider ways in which you handle issues and demonstrate your problem-solving skills.

2. It leads to confidence.

Employers feel more confident about you if you show that you are confident about your achievements, goals, aspirations, skills, etc. Once you excel in building a foundation for yourself in the job marketplace, then it can lead to building self-confidence. It is okay to have your doubts and be unsure about something, but in especially an interview setting, you need to show you are confident and be sure about what you are sharing. The common phrase used before an interview is to “be yourself,” and allow your personality to show in a positive light to be recognized by others.

3. It helps you learn more about yourself.

Getting to discover new things about yourself is one of the best parts of the job searching process. You essentially are advocating for yourself and allowing others to learn more about you. A job search requires focus and determination which guides you to dig deeper and identify your best attributes.

4. It opens opportunities to connect with others.

Networking with others through well-known job marketplace platforms allows others to get to know you and brings forth possible job opportunities. You may also network with individuals you may already know, which can lead you towards something relevant to what you are looking for. The people who you chose to connect with in the job marketplace may be ones who inspire you and that you are eager to get to know. In this case, it is encouraged to show your excitement by learning more about their journey. Also, they may be curious to get to know your story as well, so always be prepared and continue to connect with others. remote employees

5. Most of all, it brings you closer to finding the best fit job.

Continuing to build on yourself in both a professional and personal setting will result in bringing you closer to finding the best fit job. There is no certain number of steps that need to be taken to seek out the right job. In fact, it all depends on the way you choose to approach this process and letting your dominant personality combined with determination be your guide.

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To conclude, our personality is what shapes us and helps us determine the best fit job for ourselves. It is certain that there is an established connection between our dominant personality traits and career choices. The Big Five Personality Trait model holds influence in the way that we think, operate, and react in a job setting. By understanding our most suitable traits, it can bring us closer to discovering ways we can stand out in the competitive job marketplace. RemoteHub

Likewise, there are specific tools available and things to consider before you move forward with the job seeking process. Taking a personality test will allow you to learn more about yourself and share your best qualities with others. Creating a list of your most recent accomplishments and strengths will help you organize your ideas. Similarly, sharing your work and creating an attractive profile can lead to recognition and admiration. Despite the job process challenges, there are ways to overcome difficulties if you stay true to yourself and be an active participant.

There are a multitude of benefits when you embrace your best personality traits. By letting your personality be the core of your job seeking process, you will achieve finding a job that is the best fit for you.

RemoteHub Team
March 5, 2024
5 min read
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