The Future of Market Customer Research Jobs: Trends and Predictions

RemoteHub Team
March 5, 2024
5 min read
The Future of Market Customer Research Jobs: Trends and Predictions

The market and customer research industry has changed fundamentally in the last decade. An unbroken pattern of technological evolution, which can have impacts on market research jobs, looks set to continue. In this article, we sketch out the major future trends in both the market and customer research fields and give our predictions as to how these jobs will (or -- just possibly may not)change over the coming years.

Automation and AI Growth

One of the main trends is that the automation of many routine market research tasks will increasingly be a fact. At the same time, AI (artificial intelligence) may increasingly enter into this field for such a time that more and more market research jobs are transformed. Computers are now able to analyze complex data using AI and machine learning: find patterns and insights among that raw data – and even produce reports. This means some market research jobs which in the past concentrated on data analysis, reporting, and surveys will go down. However, it also brings new opportunities for market researchers who are focusing on new and changing roles: managing automation and AI tools. Market researchers at the very least need to have both these skills in addition to any other necessary training if they are to stay relevant - data science, analytics, machine learning, and working with AI. Possibly the most important of all these will be understanding how best to use technology.

Surge of Customer Experience Focus

However, market research personnel will increasingly start to be concerned with understanding and monitoring CX techniques like journey mapping, usability testing, focus groups, and leveraging customer feedback data. Customer Experience Researchers and similar roles that combine an understanding of customers, research, and CX principles should also see strong demand. There will also be a call for market researchers who can communicate insights clearly and inform CX strategy accordingly.

The Rise of Qualitative Research

While automation is great at yielding quantitative data, a renewed understanding has emerged of the value of qualitative insights. Understanding deeply the thinking and feelings of one's customers, and the meaning that lies behind the data, requires human insight. There is a steady demand for qualitative researchers who can unearth insights through ethnographic research, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and empathetic listening abilities. The capacity to find powerful human insights in qualitative research is an increasingly vital skill set.

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An Increased Emphasis on Agile Research

Long, drawn-out research projects are on the decline. Teams now need research insights faster to inform rapid product development cycles. This means market researchers with "agile" skills who can quickly turn around research sprints are increasingly in demand. Roles such as Agile Researchers, blending research, collaboration, and agile principles will grow. Being able to engage stakeholders, design iterative prototypes, test quickly, and move through feedback loops will be appreciated. Agility and responsiveness will become the norm.

Growth of Embedded Research Roles

A new approach has arisen that is geared less toward silos and more toward placing market researchers — for real this time — right on business units and teams, frontlines. This gives researchers intimacy with key stakeholders, a better sense of their specific business requirements, and more exacting insight. Embedded Researchers who can thrive within an environment of close collaboration, whilst translating research into impact as effectively as possible will be highly sought after. In such research and entrepreneurial business roles, adjunct proficiency and advice-giving talent will be valuable.

Emergence of New Adjacent Skillsets

Whatever the exact role of your market research position may be, you will need to master skills that are closely related to it and integral for efficiency. Just to name a few:

  • Data Analytics
  • Design Thinking
  • Project Management
  • Storytelling and Communications
  • Business Acumen

Research roles are becoming more and more multidisciplinary. Well-rounded researchers with access to a broad range of such skills will find themselves at the forefront.

Specialization in Business Verticals

As market research continues to grow, researchers are increasingly becoming specialists in specific industries and business verticals. Deep, comprehensive experience with Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, or Tech for example will be particularly coveted. The industry will increasingly praise Specialist Freelancers who can blend high-quality research with vertical experience. Real category and user understanding will be invaluable in generating sharper insights.

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Importance of Soft Skills on the Rise

Though technical expertise is still crucial, soft skills are allowing researchers to benefit from their insights. Skills such as emotional intelligence, empathy, communication, storytelling, and strategic thinking will probably become even more important. Influential market researchers who are skilled at turning findings into strategic recommendations through storytelling will be sought after. Curiosity, adaptability, creativity, and collaboration are also important skills. The trend towards freelance market researchers and consultancies has also influenced the market research industry's development. It is also an opportunity for experienced researchers to freelance across projects and industries. For independent consultants, business and client management abilities are key. The flexibility and diversity of working across different clients also keep consultants abreast of various research development trends.

Continuous Growth and Change

While the nature of market and customer research jobs undergoes continuous change with the shift in technology and business, the fundamental human pursuit of understanding will not disappear. If anything, the scale and complexity of understanding customers may only increase.

We will need more respondents who treat the irlives in general and others around them with consideration. The future for this channel is optimistic as long as researchers stick to those basics, adapt core competencies (e.g., in statistics or software), and continue to be passionately curious. So, their prospects look bright! To search for remote Market and Customer Research roles, visit RemoteHub.custom market research

RemoteHub Team
March 5, 2024
5 min read
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