Top Companies Offering Exciting Viral Marketing Job Opportunities

RemoteHub Team
March 5, 2024
5 min read
Top Companies Offering Exciting Viral Marketing Job Opportunities

Viral marketing has become an essential way for companies to spread awareness about their brands and grow their customer bases. As more businesses use creative viral campaigns to engage online audiences, the demand for viral marketing specialists has steadily increased. Professionals with skills in community building, content creation, and analytics are in high demand to help strategize and launch engaging campaigns. This blog highlights some of the top companies at the forefront of viral marketing that are excellent places to start an exciting career in this growing field.


RemoteHub is changing how companies find remote talent. It's an online marketplace connecting businesses with people looking for flexible work-from-home jobs. Whether you want to do social media ,content writing, or customer support remotely, RemoteHub helps companies hire for these types of roles.

They have job listings from big brands and startups all over looking for remote help. Some want people to share promotional posts organically on social networks. Others need help creating blogs and videos to attract new customers. Remote customer support is an other popular remote opportunity on RemoteHub.

It's a great place to find remote marketing jobs you can do from your home. Companies are specifically searching RemoteHubto hire remote workers, so your applications will really be considered. You get to choose your own hours and work where you want. RemoteHub is making remote viral marketing jobs much easier to discover. Definitely checkout their website to apply for exciting telecommuting opportunities. 


Hootsuite is a leading social media management platform used by over 20 million people worldwide. As one of the largest SaaS companies focused on social, Hootsuite is constantly looking for creative thinkers to join their viral marketing team. They offer opportunities for Community Managers, Content Creators, Analysts and Strategists. Community Managers are the face of Hootsuite's owned social channels and work to foster conversations and build loyal Followers. Content Creators brainstorm concepts and produce sharable assets across multiple platforms. Analysts use their data skills to monitor metrics and insights that inform go-forward strategies. Strategists look at the big picture to craft integrated plans that maximize reach and engagement.

Hootsuite values employees who think out side the box and enjoy constant learning and experimentation. Previous experience with social listening, community building, analytics or campaign strategy is preferred but not required - they are willing to train the right cultural fit. Perks include flexible work schedules, annual learning/conference credits, and stock options. Employees say the most rewarding part is seeing first-hand how their work positively impacts Hootsuite's customers worldwide on a daily basis.

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As a leader in inbound marketing and sales software, HubSpot has a dedicated team focused on developing and spreading viral content to generate qualified leads. Their viral marketing division is always looking for innovative thinkers to help customers increase pipeline and drive ROI from social interactions. HubSpot values curiosity, creativity and a growth mindset above formal education or experience requirements.

Entry level Community Managers at HubSpot facilitate conversations on owned social channels and partner with customers. They champion content that resonates and find authentic ways to introduce new followers to HubSpot's platform. More experienced Strategists analyse success metrics to refine sharing strategies and develop integrated campaigns. Data Analysts mine insights to prove campaign impact and ROI. Perks include a startup culture, healthcare coverage, unlimited PTO and tuition reimbursement for continuing education. Employees say HubSpot fosters risk-taking, learning from failures and collaboration across teams. It's a fast paced environment perfect for self-starters looking to take their skills to the next level.


As a social media management platform, Buffer relies on an in-house team of experts to test engaging content, build relationships and evangelize the product through viral marketing efforts. Their employees share what works on owned social channels and creatively problem solve alongside customers. Entry level Community Managers facilitate conversations, share best practices resources and champion customer success stories. Analysts interpret metrics to show campaign results and optimizations. Strategists map trending topics to timely shares and develop integrated campaigns.

Buffer believes work should be impactful but also balanced. They offer flexible schedules, monthly "Think Day" learning events, robust parental leave, and donate 1% of annual revenue to charitable causes employees vote on. Perks also include health/dental coverage, stock options, personal development stipends and catered lunches. Employees say Buffer fosters a culture of trust and empowerment where self-starters are given meaningful work to directly contribute to the business from day one. It's an excellent place for professionals seeking development opportunities and work-life integration.


As an AI research startup dedicated to building safe artificial general intelligence, An thropic's talented team is always developing thoughtful approaches to spread their message through community engagement and viral content. Early career Community Managers join discussion forums to answer questions and share educational resources about AI topics. Their conversations help introduce the company and its research mission to new audiences every day.

More experienced Strategists test multi-channel campaigns and analyse metrics to see what content resonates mostorganically. Data Analysts gather insights into audience demographics, interests and concerns to shape future strategies. Anthropic supports employees' drive to learn through workshops, conference sponsorships and an in-house speaker series from AI experts. Competitive salary, full benefits and flexible arrangements after probation create a balanced lifestyle while doing meaningful work. Employees say the mission and culture motivate them to continuously expand their skills and share AI knowledge far and wide. It's an ideal place for technology evangelists in their early career.

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Smaller startups

Smaller startups and companies across industries also offer valuable viral marketing experience:

·  Moz: Known for SEO software and online community, Moz's community-first team brainstorms fresh concepts and tests ideas organically. Employees are given autonomy to be helpful, harmless and honest online.

·  Invision: Design platform dedicated to fueling creativity. Their award-winning "Craft" publication shares uplifting stories and useful resources to engage new readers.

·  Dropbox: As a collaboration tool, Dropbox's viral content highlights customers' impact through real work examples. Employees have flexibility and resources to innovate continuously.

·  Canva: Design software loved for its simplistic templates. Viral marketing team spotlights inspiring creations and partner giveaways to ignite excitement online.

·  Dribbble: Design community devoted to inspiration and skill-sharing. Passionate community managers foster discussion and appreciation among users.

Large Tech Giants

While smaller companies offer more direct involvement and autonomy, viral marketing roles at major tech giants provide invaluable experience at massive scale. Here are a few opportunities with industry-leading firms:


As the worlds largest social network, Facebook employs Community Managers, Creators and Strategists globally to build relationships and test engaging concepts. Early careers get hands-on practice facilitating discussions, partnering with creators and analysing campaign results. More senior leaders collaborate cross-functionally to maximize organic reach through viral testing. Along with competitive pay, perks include parental leave, backup childcare, health/dental and tuition reimbursement. Employees say the impact of successfully spreading missions and services worldwide is extremely rewarding.


Acclaimed for innovation, Google has openings for YouTube Partnerships Managers, Analysts and Google Researchers to study platform usage and viral trends. Entry level roles involve community support, content strategy tests and report write ups. Experienced professionals work with top creators/producers to develop serialized formats and holiday/event campaigns. Perks include free gourmet meals, massages, laundry service and an onsite store. Quarterly briefings from executives and prestigious relocation packages further enhance the employee experience.


Known for real-time interactions, Twitter seeks Community Managers, Creators and Insights Analysts passionate about public conversations. Early roles involve testing shareable quotes, GIFs and explaining new product features to users. Experienced professionals conduct qualitative research on trends, collaborate with media/celebrity partners and map campaigns. Competitive salary, unlimited vacation, parental leave and health/mental resources create work-life integration. Employees say the fast pace and constant learning keep work stimulating.


As a leader in productivity tools, Microsoft's viral marketing teams focus on highlighting customers seamlessly sharing ideas through Bing, Office365 and LinkedIn. Entry roles involve community support, content testing and reporting insights. Experienced professionals oversee multi-channel campaigns, measure qualitative/quantitative success metrics and develop long term partnership strategies. Perks include stock grants, tuition reimbursement, pet insurance and a services marketplace for discounts. Reputable brand with exciting technology to promote. 

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Fintech & Cryptocurrency

Emerging industries also provide ground floor viral marketing opportunities:


As the digital payment’s leader, PayPal's viral teams develop campaigns demonstrating ease and security of e-commerce experiences. Entry roles involve facilitating communities, beta testing concepts and reporting learnings. Experienced marketers collaborate cross-functionally to maximize merchant partnerships and global reach. Rewarding salary, healthcare from day one, paid parental leave and volunteer stipends make career growth impactful.


As the largest crypto exchange, Coinbase employs Community Managers, Educators and Analysts passionate about decentralization. Entry involves facilitating discussions, sharing educational content and A/B testing social concepts. Experienced roles manage global ambassador programs, produce long form educational series and measures. Competitive salary, stock options and monthly skill development stipends keep work cutting edge.


These leading interest-bearing accounts platform employs Community Managers, Strategists and Analysts to introduce mainstream audiences to crypto investing. Entry roles involve moderating forums, developing engaging social content and reporting insights. Experienced marketers devise integrated campaigns, measure qualitative impacts and develop institutional partnerships. Rewarding salary, healthy stipend, unlimited PTO and monthly training keep work fulfilling.


As a financial services & payments company, Square's viral teams spotlight how cashless ecosystems create opportunities for businesses and individuals. Entry level Community Managers facilitate conversations, share customer stories and test compelling social concepts. Analysts measure qualitative/quantitative impacts while Strategists devise integrated campaigns. Flexible schedule, health/dental insurance from day one and stock options make the employee experience rewarding.


RemoteHub presents a wonderful chance to find remote viral marketing jobs you will truly enjoy. Whether you want to promote brands on social media or assist customers online, RemoteHub has job listings to suit your skills and location preferences. As more companies embrace remote work, job platforms like RemoteHub will continue growing. We would recommend browsing open positions and setting up a profile to apply for roles you think would be a great fit. The flexible nature of remote work means you can keep a healthy work-life balance too. RemoteHub is definitely worth a look for anyone interested in telecommuting opportunities nowadays.

RemoteHub Team
March 5, 2024
5 min read
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