How to attract more qualified candidates faster by upgrading your  RemoteHub Membership plan? 

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The labor market is cooling down,  but according to Fortune, employers say they still face the same hiring woes they encountered during the pandemic: finding qualified talent promptly.

Hiring can be particularly challenging due to a combination of factors such as  a lack of available talent, high competition from other companies, or a shortage of specific skills or qualifications required for the position. Whatever the reason, a complicated hiring process can be frustrating for hiring managers and can significantly slow down the recruitment process. At RemoteHub we understand this challenge and wanted to offer our Users more ways to attract qualified candidates quickly so we introduced Membership plans with additional benefits.

The Membership plans for company accounts on RemoteHub help employees and recruiters access promotions cost-effectively, resulting in flexible ways to target and scale recruitment through RemoteHub. 

There are 3 levels in our Membership plan: Basic, Advanced and Premium. By creating the RemoteHub company account, a user automatically becomes a member of the Basic Membership plan and can access the following benefits:

  • Free unlimited listing of openings on the RemoteHub job board
  • Creation and management of the company page on RemoteHube to create brand awareness to capture the attention of  job seekers
  • Unlimited application views to find suitable candidates
  • Access to purchase paid promotions to increase job posting views and applications

As the starting point for the hiring process the Basic Membership plan offers many services for recruiters and HR specialists. But when it comes to targeting and scaling, the upgrade plans provide the most. 

There are currently 2 membership plan upgrades available: Advanced and Premium.

Generally, upgrading provides the company with maximum flexibility in choosing which promotion type to use for a specific posting, saving time and effort. 


The Advanced Membership plan has all benefits of  the Basic Membership plan and additionally unlocks +10 promotions for job openings per month. 

You get maximum flexibility in choosing which promotion type to use so you can target the most qualified candidate and expand your reach.

The next step up, is the Premium Membership plan, which offers even more flexibility and promotions. This membership plan is designed for companies that have significant recruitment activity. In addition to the benefits of the Basic Membership, your account will have 20 promotions for job openings a month.

Wondering what the promotions are?

Here are the promotions that you can access with both the Advanced and Premium Membership plans:

  • Featured Job. Keep your job posting at the forefront with our Featured Job promotion. With this promotion, you maintain high visibility for a job posting for 7 days rather than letting it slide down the list as new job openings  are posted.
  • Email Promotion. RemoteHub finds the perfect match by scanning the database and automatically inviting via email candidates who meet the job opening requirements. Active for 7 days, this promotional service saves you time and increases the number of potential candidates who apply.
  • Network Promotion. For 7 days your job opening is distributed through our partner network job sites. This amplifies the visibility of your posting, saving you time, and allowing you to manage all applications on one platform as candidates viewing partner networks are directed to your RemoteHub account.

Each of these promotions has many advantages and can attract the right candidate depending on the skills and requirements related to a specific job opening.

Whether a small company or a large organization, RemoteHub’s membership plans provide access to talented professionals and valuable features that can help streamline and simplify the hiring process and achieve business goals. 

Learn how to upgrade RemoteHub company accounts here.

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