How to Get Started with RemoteHub

by Giulietta Boyun
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Times are changing, and everything is changing with them. Even the way we go about finding work. New generations entering the workforce today are using a wide range of techniques. Learning how to network for a job in the digital economy is now an essential life skill.

In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of how to start a career as a service provider on RemoteHub. Whether you’re starting a new job or just growing your network, RemoteHub offers powerful tools for your success, including media-rich portfolios, professional profiles, and countless employee connection opportunities!

Make the Most of Your Profile

When HR processes first began to incorporate digital trends, resume profile links were a common step. Now, a proper profile page can be even more important than a robust CV. A large part of how to network in the present day is presenting an impressive career profile. In RemoteHub, you can fill out comprehensive and informative professional profile pages. You must provide potential employers with pertinent information to make the most of your profile.

1. First off, make sure you upload a custom avatar picture. It should be a photo that expresses your personality or your company logo. Abstract images are best avoided. Next up, upload a profile cover image. You want an attractive, high-quality profile cover image that makes your profile stand out from the crowd.

2. Add a brief headline, up to 140 characters. It should clearly describe your main occupation.

3. Next, you need to list your relevant professional skills. The list should be thorough, but avoid inflating it needlessly. Only include skills if you have total confidence in your expertise for that skill. In addition, it’s best to only list skills that you know for a fact to be relevant to your industry.

4. Add any languages that you are fluent in and specify your level of proficiency.

5. In the “About” section, add information about yourself. Which can include your areas of expertise, interests, professional strengths, or hobbies.

6. Add your previous work positions and/or current employment. List every relevant work experience that contributes to your professional background here.

7. Next up, offer details about your education. Provide potential clients and employers with relevant information about any training and courses you’ve honed your skills with.

Creating An Online Portfolio

In addition to the above, it’s crucial that you master the art of portfolio crafting. A work portfolio is a pillar of your digital career. They allow clients to see you at your best, getting to know you through the projects you’re proudest of.

Create your online portfolio and make sure you select strong and polished samples to showcase your skills and professionalism.

Remember that you can upload as many portfolio projects as you’d like!

Pro tip: if you want your portfolio to be featured by an editorial team, make sure you uploaded at least 3 high-quality images and provided a detailed text description about the project: requirements, your role, and achieved result. 

Jobs & Services

Your RemoteHub profile allows you both – to hire professionals or provide services on your own. By publishing jobs or services, visitors to your professional profile can contact you for professional offers with ease. Furthermore, potential customers can find your profile while searching for services on the site.

Post a free vacancy
Post the services you provide

1. Click Post a Job to start searching for candidates to hire for your first job on RemoteHub. Make sure you’re actually posting a Job and not a Service! Jobs are for finding help for hire, not to offer your services to customers. 

Pro tip: If you are constantly looking for candidates for your project, it would be more efficient to post your vacancies on behalf of your company. Create a company page and start to attract more applicants! 

2. You can also Post a Service to post your professional services on RemoteHub. This is your starting point if you want to offer your services as a freelance professional to customers online.

Good to Go!

Having filled out your profile, you can post your portfolio projects, jobs, or services, and you’re good to go! You’re ready to join the ranks of thousands of professionals using RemoteHub. Now, remember to reach out to the community and do some valuable networking!

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