OneGlobus Goes Live as RemoteHub!

by Tim Pastushkin

The job marketplace and community that connects and matches companies with remote professionals.

We are super excited to announce our open release and new brand RemoteHub!

For months during closed beta, we’ve been hard at work, building a global job marketplace and community that connects and matches companies with remote professionals. Employers and job seekers can post their job vacancies or offer services, find new professional connections, showcase their skills through media-rich portfolios, and test new ideas and products.

Nowadays, most of the jobs are still filled through personal networking, including friends & family, professional contacts, and social media. From the beginning, we have aimed to help people extend their community and connect with companies and professionals from around the world to find new job opportunities through new connections and recommendations.

We also believe it’s important to support nonprofit organizations in their noble mission. Such organizations and their volunteers are also part of the global work community, which is why we’ve integrated a Volunteering section in our platform. The response has been great, and we’re happy and honored that many nonprofits have already found remote volunteers for their projects.

During closed beta we’ve assembled over 10,000 companies & professionals who have posted 3,000+ portfolio projects, 1,700+ services and 150+ volunteer projects. Thank you for joining us during this time!

Now we’re finally ready for the open release, and we’re launching it as RemoteHub. The new name reinforces our vision of a global remote workplace and community where employers and job seekers can connect for all types of remote work: full-time, part-time, contract, and freelance, as well as collaborate after the hire. This is especially important during these challenging times. RemoteHub will be helping to reduce social isolation during working remotely, as well as helping companies find the best candidates without drowning in tons of CVs.

New technologies allow people to create more flexible and efficient remote workplaces. But it’s important to remember that technology is just a tool, and the most important thing will always be a community. We’re building such a community, and we hope it will also be yours.

Thank you for being with us on this journey!

The RemoteHub Team


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