RemoteHub Portfolio Challenge – Results

by Giulietta Boyun
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We are delighted to announce the winners of the RemoteHub Portfolio Challenge 2020! 

First, we would like to thank all the talented professionals who took part and made this challenge possible. Your portfolio projects are real gems on RemoteHub!

And a big thank you to our honored Jury Board: Catherine Lo, Bradley Bussolini, and George Railean!

 Here is a quick reminder about how the winners were chosen:

– In the first step, the RemoteHub team prepared a shortlist of the projects with the biggest numbers of likes.  
– Then, the jury board members voted and selected TOP-10 best portfolio projects.
– Finally, each board member selected a project for their personal award.

According to the official rules, the contest was open to all legal residents of the United States, but personal awards were given to non-US residents.

Enjoy the winner’s artwork, get inspired, and join our next challenge, which is coming soon! 

1st Place

Homepage design on Figma by J B300 USD

Bradley Bussolini: “The homepage design uses modern gradients and a defined grid system, making the content clear and easy to understand. The choice of color and typography is superb. Good use of atmospheric perspective and excellent execution of concepts”.

George Railean: “Love the simplicity. Also, the balance of the elements are great. Great colors”.

Catherine Lo: “Clean layout, nice photos for the homepage. Good use of color”.

2nd Place

Illustration Portfolio by Juho Choi  – 200 USD

Catherine Lo: “Organized and dynamic layout for the illustrations. Clean. Would like to see more content on the page and process”. 

George Railean: “The style is great. The textures are professionally done”. 

3rd Place

John Payne – Realtime Character by Adam Marlow  – 100 USD

George Railean: “Super detailed. Like the style he chose”.

4th Place

Game Art – Casual and Board Games by Jeffrey Willis – 50 USD

5th Place

Illustration and Design by Christopher Goodwyn – 50 USD

George Railean: “Nice approach to the elements. Easy way to define the scope”.

6th Place

LIZZI Spectacle Pod Tea Packaging Design by Sarah Arvizu-Barcelo – 50 USD

George Railean: “Good balance of colors. Love the approach of elements”. 

7th Place

Hamtober 2019 by Elle Maru – 50 USD

Catherine Lo: “A lot of content on the page, showing examples of color palette and different scenes. Images look polished”.

8th Place

3D Modeling Texturing and Lighting Showreel by Josh McCann – 50 USD

9th Place

Sony Music – ”Ati ve Ask Ucgeni – Gece Ucusu” Music Video by Tolga Tarhan – 50 USD

George Railean: “Love the style. Love the effects. Everything is great!” 

10th Place

Education Website by Chelsea Kobea – 50 USD

George Railean: “I like the visual aspect, the way the designer created the flow.” 

Personal Awards by Jury Board Members

Besides the main prizes, the Jury Board members gave their personal awards to the selected professionals. Congratulations to know Naim from Russia, Miguel Vaz, and Gustavo Perg from Brazil!

Forest glade online-store redesign by known Naim – 100 USD

Judge: George Railean
Very clean, organized, balanced style. The way how the space is used and the elements organized creates a mood to consume more.”

TALO by Miguel Vaz – 100 USD

Judge: Catherine Lo

“Miguel’s portfolio page was dynamic, filled with great content, mockups that showed the use of his original branding. Great use of color, layout, and polished graphics.”

Illustrations II by Gustavo Perg – 100 USD

Judge: Bradley Bussolini

“I like his use of color and layout, and the final renderings look weathered like they have a slight texture to the image, which makes it seem hand created.”

And we’re reminding you again that a new contest is coming in 2021 😉 Stay tuned, and have a happy New Year! 

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