From Traditional Media to the Golden Age of Digital Brand Marketing

RemoteHub Team
March 5, 2024
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From Traditional Media to the Golden Age of Digital Brand Marketing

The internet and the surge of digital marketing have dramatically changed the world of branding and marketing strategy. In order to stay relevant when consumers spend more time online and on social media, brands have had to develop strategies adaptable enough to follow their moves. Branding's ever-growing importance means that the work of a Brand Strategist is crucial to helping companies develop or reconstruct their brands and connect with modern consumers.

A Shifting Media Ecology

In the pre-digital era, print, radio, and TV were the platforms around which branding campaigns revolved. Branding still often involves the creation and broadcasting of a consistent visual image and core message. But these elements, important in themselves, have since taken their place among many more tools in the branding toolbox thanks to the proliferation of digital channels. According to eMarketer, Americans now spend almost 7 hours a day consuming digital media. And time spent solely on mobile tops 4 hours on average. With consumers constantly linked in through smart devices, brands must maintain a respectful presence in everything from society to websites and mobile apps, as well as various new platforms.

Relevance of an Omni-channel Branding Strategy

An omni-channel branding approach is indispensable for staying relevant in the market. Brands are now spreading their stories across multiple touchpoints. This presents an opportunity, but also a challenge to brand coherence. For customers to identify with our products, brand strategists must manage branding in a way that allows core beliefs to shine through on all kinds of content formats and channels.

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The Rise of Brand Storytelling

In the digital age, brand storytelling is now indispensable. In the old days, advertising tended to emphasize product attributes and benefits. But now, emotional branding is increasingly important for establishing an intimate connection with consumers. Dynamic storytelling can help brands communicate their mission, values, and distinctiveness. We must look beyond mere logos and slogans. Brands are spinning tales in fresh forms such as video, podcasts, and interactive content. Storytelling techniques such as frameworks of the hero's journey, conflict and resolution, and archetypes are designed to engage viewers. In today's world where authenticity reigns supreme consumers are demanding greater transparency from companies." To make their business seem more humanistic, brands turn to user-generated content, employee spotlights, and behind-the-scenes looks. Brand Strategists are responsible for overseeing campaigns that blend top-down professional messaging with bottom-up organic community voices.

The Importance of Brand Communities on the Rise

Digital platforms are used by brands to build engaged communities. For one thing, social media allows brands to engage in continuous dialogues with consumers. Brands can create vibrant communities through strategies such as hashtag campaigns, UGC, influencer partnerships, and more. Brand communities actually serve to boost customer loyalty and fueled by superfans. In addition to word-of-mouth promotion through social media, super fans are happy to show off on digital platforms. Customer reviews and recommendations carry more currency than corporate marketing messages alone. Because they require special care and attention to manage, many brand communities begin with good intentions - but can end up damaging a company if done incorrectly. Social media managers and community managers must follow the brand voice according to these rules, which are monitored by Brand Strategists. Audience personas, along with social monitoring and community guidelines, help brands engage in interactions respectfully.

New Channels for Targeted Personalization

With advanced digital targeting capabilities, you can personalize branding messages to an even greater degree of targeted relevance. Segmenting consumers and tailoring messaging accordingly was made easier as well, thanks to detailed audience insights. This CRM information or behavioral tracing data, for example, enables those companies that know how to use it right to target brand ads effectively at high-value customers. For example, these VIP segments authored through loyalty programs may be sent unique brand content and offers. This is another example of branding that is used to capture the privileges and benefits of belonging to a brand community. But at the same time, it also finds potential markets in likeness modeling as well as interest descriptive targeting. For these groups outside the realm of the enterprise, it is about introduction and fixing the braids. On the other hand, company As part the personalized approach toward branding humanizes brands and makes them popular among consumers. To ensure the consistency of brand values across all strata, IBM instructs brand strategists in data-driven segmentation.

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Towards Agile Brand Management

In the digital world, brand impressions are always in flux and this sensitivity creates a lot of changes in response to current events or cultural dialogue. And whereas in the past engineering plans would only be refurbished once a year, today they manage with a much more agile hand - managing brand perception. Brand managers keep close watch on trends through social listening. They use real-time data instead to guide decisions about brand messaging and engagement. Brands now have to move quickly to respond to breaking news, broad-based internet trends, politics, or the machinations of competitors. For example, brands may put out timely social content around national holidays, hot-button topics in society or world events that are coming up. Because everything changes in the blink of an eye, strategic press outreach helps brands share perspectives on trending topics. Brand Strategists help manage PR in these dynamic situations, protecting brand reputation and spot-spraying them. Their skill in brand voice and tone is what informs live content creation or damage control efforts. Brand Strategist jobs

Growing Needs for Analytics and Testing

Digital platforms offer a rich source of data for how effective a brand's positioning is. Brand Strategists regularly evaluate metrics such as website traffic, content engagement, search rankings, and sales attribution to improve their efforts. For brand optimization, A/B testing is absolutely indispensable. Brand Strategists perform controlled tests of different derivatives of branding on target audiences, giving them empirical data on what resonates best. Through analytics, Brand Strategists:

  • Measure brand awareness and associations
  • Compare and contrast.
  • Calculate the return on investment for branding activities.
  • Locate the most effective branding channels and formats.
  • Tailor personalization to user attributes and behavior
  • Tweak branding strategies over time

With so much data out there, branding has become a process of constant revision. Every cycle of analysis, testing, and revision serves to measure and manage brand perception.

Recruiting Talent Specializing in Brand Marketing

The expanding range of skills and strategies in branding that the digital era calls into play has also increased demand for dedicated Brand Strategists. More corporate seek specialists instead of assigning jobs to general marketers. Potential candidates for an Ideal Brand Strategist should be good at:

  • Telling stories of brands by means of all the channels.
  • Getting along in the community and social media
  • Ironing out results through performance marketing and conversion optimization
  • Carrying out market research & data analysis

In the end, who is up to the task depends not on just management skills but also planning and direction. But only with this kind of diversified background profile can you make good leadership in various fields!

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Creativity and design thinking

Expert Brand Strategists help unify companies behind a common brand vision with a practical circumstance in such specializations as social media, PR, influencer engagement, advertising, and customer marketing. They manage to avoid the pitfalls of today's totally wired multi-channel world by keeping a laser-like focus on customer needs and competitive context. Leaders like this are pushing for a new mix to meet ever-changing opportunities in digital media.

Connecting With a Brand Strategist

RemoteHub provides businesses with the international Brand Strategist consultancy they seek. It lists both the number of people from different countries seeking Brand Strategists, with a total of many applications, and also a wide variety of individual candidates around the globe. Browse profiles and immediately get in touch if you are interested in seeing how this brand strategist can help your company. And when he responds, ask him about his experience working on brands like these at any communications agency in the U.S. or elsewhere.

  • Digital Branding
  • Social Media Branding
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Communications
  • Brand Advertising
  • Brand Positioning

There is nothing wrong with recruiting a few extra hands. Renting out your desk might attract better prospects, particularly people who have no experience with online work and can't afford to take risks. With RemoteHub, companies can also manage their remote Brand Strategists from initial interview through hiring and onboarding. Grab talent from all over the world and find the best Brand Strategist for you at RemoteHub.

RemoteHub Team
March 5, 2024
5 min read
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